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PC Doctors, LLC and PC Doctor, being one of the oldest PC service shops, has many things to offer the PC shopper. One of them is the fact that we have been in business since 1983, this alone is an amazing feat in itself as so many PC stores have come and gone, now we see so many computer stores popping up and disappearing, people go to computer shows, buy equipment and then when they need warranty work, they find that the company they bought from is no longer in business. We strive for customer satisfaction, as you might notice we try to provide all the services we can for the customer, and to provide a one store solution for your needs. We provide for you your first PC to an Internet Presence for your business and all things in between!! When you come in for your first PC, we don't sell you what we have on the shelf, we build you a system that fits you & your needs, whether it is for playing games or running your business, we want you to be informed about what you are doing and want you to be happy after the sell as well. Come try us out and find out why we are one of the oldest computer stores around; There has to be a reason!

Services & Items we provide:
Computer Sales (old & new)
PC Repair & Upgrades
Internet Access / Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Service Contracts
Monitor Repair
Printer Repair
PC Parts
PC Cables
Specialty Cables & Switchboxes
Consulting Services
Networking (Windows 95/98/NT, Novell, Lantastic, Intranet & Internet)
Cable installation for networks
Solutions for business networking
Software for personal or business use
Insurance Claims
Third party repair
Web Site Development
Web Site Rental
Business Internet Presence
Personal Internet Presence
Graphics Design
Specialty Items such as T-shirts, shirts, hats, &
Mouse Pads with your logo or picture on it


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