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Setup Procedure for accounts on client machines.

Windows 95/98


1) Double Click with your left mouse button on the My Computer icon on your desktop to open it.

2) Double Click again on the Dial-Up Networking Icon.

3) Double Click on Make New Connection.

4) Type in pcdocs for the name of the computer that you're dialing.

5) Click Next.

6) Area Code: YOUR AREA CODE


City State Number Speed / Type


*** You must have a National Account to use our National Dial-in numbers.

7) Click Next.

8) Click Finish. *The new icon will be in Dial-Up Networking momentarily, click once on it to make sure it's highlighted.

9) Go to the File menu and down to Properties.

10) Take the check out of the box that says Use Country Code and Area Code.

11) Click on the Server Type (This will either be a tab up top, or a button near the bottom right.)

12) Take the check out of the box beside Log On To Network.

13) Take the check out of the box beside NETBEUI.

14) Take the check out of the box beside IPX/SPX compatible protocol.

15) Click OK.

16) Click OK.

17) If you're not back in Dial-Up Networking, Click OK again.

18) Close the Dial-Up Networking Box.

19) If the My Computer Box is not open, please double click on My Computer.

20) Double Click on Control Panel.

21) Double Click on Internet.

22) Click on the Connection tab.

23) Where it says Connect to the internet as needed, make sure there is a check there.

24) You should have PCDocs. listed there, click on the Arrow Pointing down beside it, and choose PCDocs. Some versions may be different. After clicking on Connection at the top click. Connect to the internet using a modem.

Next click on Settings, click on the Arrow Pointing down beside it, and choose PCDocs

25) Click on Apply and then OK.


Server Information

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